Teachers tired of hopping platforms to deliver their language lessons?

ZenGengo is the only platform that brings together everything that language teachers and learners need in one place.  Get in touch for more information.

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language teacher standing in front of a whiteboard looking frustratedlanguage teacher standing in front of a whiteboard looking frustrated
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Give teachers the thing they need most, time.

Language teachers everywhere spend untold hours collecting and grading student work. With ZenGengo, however, all 10 assignment types can be completely auto-graded.

We’ve also streamlined the process of giving feedback to open-ended assignment types such as Audio Recording, Video Recording and Written Report. Good for teachers, great for students.

ZenGengo language teacher standing next to an oversized smartphoneZenGengo language teacher standing next to an oversized smartphone


Enhanced features for schools and institutions.

In addition to discount pricing, schools and institutions can also take advantage of all the features available with a Teacher Plus subscription, such as: increased assignment limits, ultra-realistic text-to-speech, and advanced analytics.

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ZenGengo language teacher standing next to an oversized smartphone
ZenGengo language teacher standing next to a smartphone, tablet and notebook computer


Future-proof your curriculum

If there’s one thing the last few years have taught is, it’s the value of being prepared. Whatever challenges come your way, ZenGengo can help keep the learning going with engaging and interactive online lessons accessible on any device your students may be using.

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With ZenGengo teachers can…

  • Embed and assign engaging and interactive 4-skills lessons in the LMS

  • Incorporate language learning assignments with their other online learning tasks

  • Utilize single-sign-on and forget the headaches of forgotten usernames and passwords

ZenGengo language student studying with a smartphone

your LMS & Zengeno

Are you already using an LMS? ZenGengo
meets you where you are…

ZenGengo can integrate with all of the most popular platforms. In order to set up a ZenGengo integration with your learning management system, you’ll need a consumer key and shared secret (excluding Google Classroom users). Contact us to find out more.

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