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Choose the plan that works best for you

Students can purchase access cards for ZenGengo Academy at the campus bookstore (6 months = ¥900, 12 months = ¥1800). Please get in touch to arrange delivery of cards or if you'd like a quote in another currency.

Institutional licenses are also available for ZenGengo Academy. For more information, please contact us.

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Vocabulary in context

ZenGengo Academy users don't learn words in isolation. Vocabulary is presented in context as a part of meaningful, skill-building lessons.

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Global Englishes

ZenGengo Academy users are exposed to a range of native and non-native accents to prepare them to participate in the 21st Century global workforce.

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Rich in media

Each ZenGengo Academy lesson features video and audio resources to develop learners' listening skills and increase motivation.

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Formative feedback

ZenGengo Academy lessons are completely auto-graded and students receive immediate feedback on their submissions.

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Insights for teachers

Detailed reports give teachers a heads-up on who's progressing and who's falling behind. The more you know about your learners, the better you're able to help them.

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All of our texts have been leveled using TextInspector's award-winning linguistic analysis tool.

With ZenGengo Academy teachers can…

  • Assign engaging and interactive 4-skills lessons as homework or as a supplement to face-to-face classes

  • Monitor progress from the Teacher Insights area and reach-out to students who need extra help

  • Utilize single-sign-on and forget the headaches of forgotten usernames and passwords

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Prepare your learners to join the 21st Century global workforce…

ZenGengo Academy offers engaging lessons that challenge language learners to speak intelligibly and communicate effectively with both native and non-native speakers of English. With abundant exposure to a range of accents, learners will develop into more adaptable and proficient language users. Contact us to find out more.

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