Start teaching languages with ZenGengo

Here's how it works.

The teacher dashboard provides everything you need for creating content and managing submissions

Don’t start from scratch. Supercharge what you already have with ZenGengo!

Take a picture of an existing paper-based resource or cut-and-paste into ZenGengo’s Lesson Wizard. In just a few clicks, you’ll have 4 ready-to-go online assignments. 

Build from there by adding more assignments.

Add an Audio Recording assignment or a Written Report to collect student responses, impressions or interpretations.

Bring in multi-media to make things interactive.

Find a complimentary video on Youtube and add it to your lesson as a Video Gap Fill or a Content Page.  

Bundle everything together as an online lesson.

Deliver the assignments directly to the students as a single URL. Alternatively, you can add it to a ZenGengo course or to the classwork area of your Google Classroom.

Great options for student onboarding

No student registration or login is required.
Teachers can:
  • Collect student information on submission (name*, ID, email) *required
  • Upload a classlist to ZenGengo and students select their names from a drop-down list
  • Require students to login with Google or Microsoft
  • Post their assignments to the classwork area of Google Classroom

Face-to-face, hybrid or fully online… Supercharge your language courses with ZenGengo

Alternate between live interaction and online work. Set the pace of the lesson while students participate on their devices.
If some learners are online while others are in the classroom, ZenGengo can deliver online assignments with in-the-moment insights about participation and performance.
Move your face-to-face lessons online with ZenGengo’s lightning fast content tools. Audio and Video Recording tasks bring much needed opportunities to practice spoken production.

Save time with our extensive library of pre-made lessons

Search by topic or by CEFR level. Import lessons into your own folders and modify them as you see fit. You’re sure to find plenty of inspiration for your online language lessons.

Where to start?

If you don’t know much about the ability of your students, why not start with the ZenGengo Level Test? Results from the test will let you know which type of material is most suitable for your learners.

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