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7 Oct 2021

The pedagogical foundations of ZenGengo

ZenGengo is a powerful and convenient supplementary tool for teachers and learners of languages. It is designed to increase teachers' convenience and control, and create more opportunities for learners to engage with the language in a variety of contexts.
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10 Aug 2021

Motivating students to speak outside of class with ZenGengo and Padlet

The aim of this project was to provide students at a university in Japan with an opportunity to speak English outside the classroom in a convenient and easy way. In addition, the students would receive direct verbal feedback from a range of different English teachers. This is particularly important because most EFL students in Japan have little or no contact with English speakers other than their own teachers.
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Mar 11 2021

Flipgrid vs ZenGengo

While it’s possible to compare these two technologies head-to-head, it’s best to delve into the strengths of each platform and evaluate each according to its intended purpose.
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Feb 25 2021

How to Create Great Online Lessons in Minutes Using ZenGengo

In traditional face-to-face classrooms, teachers have textbooks and manuals to assist them in planning their daily lessons. There’s also a wealth of resources, painstakingly created by themselves and their colleagues, to supplement and enrich the basic curriculum. Online resources, on the other hand, are not usually as abundant or well-curated, and teachers often have to scramble to assemble materials for their remote or asynchronous lessons.
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Feb 12 2021

Teaching Speaking in Blended or Fully Online Foreign Language Courses

Speaking is without a doubt one of the most if not the most important skill to master when learning a foreign language. One of the best ways to teach speaking online is with audio recording assignments. In this post, we discuss a variety of ways to create, administer and receive audio recording assignments in order to promote your students’ speaking skills.
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