We are guided by teachers' voices

Nothing is more important to us than helping teachers to help students. We take the time to read and consider every piece of feedback we get from teachers.

group of ZenGengo language teachers smilinggroup of ZenGengo language teachers smiling
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Real skills

Teaching real skills to language learners

We believe that learning to communicate in another language is like opening a door to another world. Beyond tests and certifications, what language learners really want is the ability to communicate with others, without barriers.

As teachers, we need to provide our learners with language experiences that will help them to reach their potential, which is why we are dedicated to developing tools that support and challenge learners as they acquire the necessary skills to become competent communicators.

ZenGengo language teacher with studentsZenGengo language teacher with students


No one left behind

So many learners stumble and fall on their language learning journeys. At ZenGengo, we equip teachers with the tools they need to keep their learners on track with custom made assignments and formative feedback on their learning progress.

ZenGengo language teacher with students

Made by teachers for teachers

ZenGengo founder Paul Raine

“As a language teacher, I was tired of having to use half-a-dozen apps to provide 4-skills lessons for my students. I created ZenGengo to make life easier for teachers and students by making it possible to deliver complete online language lessons from a single platform.”

Paul Raine - ZenGengo founder

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