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Whether your classes are face-to-face, blended, hybrid or fully online, ZenGengo helps language teachers to create engaging and interactive online assignments in just minutes...

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Complete Package

Reading, writing, listening and speaking… all in one place.

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Automatic Grading

Take back your time and let us do the hard work.

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Whatever comes, be prepared with effective online assignments.

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Better Outcomes

Students are the real winners, with measurable gains in language ability.

ZenGengo assignment types for language learning

Powerful Platform

All you’ll ever need

Simple yet powerful online assignments for busy language teachers. ZenGengo assignments are easy to create, and delightfully simple to administer.

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Teach all four language skills

ZenGengo features ten assignment types to help you teach all four skills of learning a language: speaking, listening, reading, writing.

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ZenGengo reading, writing, listening and speaking assignments
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One-click student access

Onboarding couldn’t be easier. Just share the link or QR code for your assignments. No student registration or login required!

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Time saved for busy teachers

All ZenGengo assignments can be auto-graded. In addition, personalized scoring and feedback are available for Audio Recordings, Video Recordings and Written Reports.

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Timely feedback for students

Students receive instant notification when their assignment has been submitted. Scores, corrections, and personalized feedback from the teacher can also be provided.

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What our users say...

"More than just another tool"

ZenGengo is so user-friendly that my students were able to submit high quality video presentations the second day of an online presentation skills class.

More than just another tool, ZenGengo complements a learning management system by its ease of use for both instructor and student.  

When we resume classroom teaching, ZenGengo will be equally useful as an adjunct to in-person learning.

Ellen Lange UC Davis ZenGengo testimonial

Ellen Lange

ESL Program, UC Davis, USA

"My "prize find" of the year!"

ZenGengo is my “prize find” of the year!  It solves 2 problems:

1) It saves teachers valuable time while creating meaningful language exercises

2) It provides a wide variety of exercises for students to practice speaking, listening comprehension, vocabulary, and sentence structure

The Audio Recording assignment type has excellent sound quality, and makes pronunciation assessment easy.

The Text to Test assignment type gives immediate feedback on both vocabulary and word order, and students love seeing each sentence highlighted as it is read to them by a native speaker sounding voice.

Marilyn Buettner ZenGengo testimonial

Marilyn Buettner

Adult Education Specialist, Arizona, USA

"A win-win scenario in the classroom"

With Video Gap Fills, many students commented that they lost track of time because they were so focussed on listening and typing.

With the Audio Recording assignment, students can record themselves several times and then submit the recording that represents their best work.

Whether I want my students to practice reading, writing, speaking or listening, ZenGengo is an easy to use platform that creates a win-win scenario in the classroom.

Manfred Delano Cannegieter ZenGengo testimonial

Manfred Delano Cannegieter

Assistant Professor, Takachiho University, Japan

"ZenGengo is a very useful site"

Having a timer and word count on the Written Report activity is great for preparing students for TOEFL writing conditions.

In addition, being able to copy a link to an activity is incredibly convenient and a big time saver.

Overall, ZenGengo is a very useful site, and I'm very grateful for the time and energy that has gone into making it user friendly.

Nick DiNunzio ZenGengo testimonial

Nick DiNunzio

Adjunct Professor, J. F. Oberlin University, Japan

"Students can access a range of activities with a simple link"

ZenGengo has been useful in supplementing the textbook I use. Students can access a range of activities with a simple link, and the results can be easily downloaded to a spreadsheet.

I also use voice dictation activities and audio recording to make sure my students do some speaking practice for homework.

Alex Bodnar ZenGengo testimonial

Alex Bodnar

Assistant Professor, University of Nagasaki, Japan

"ZenGengo makes it really simple to personlize your online homework"

ZenGengo makes it really simple to personalize your online homework.

Kids at OIC English School Nagasaki can easily practice what they’ve learned in the lesson and parents really appreciate being able to see the lesson content.

Gary Mason ZenGengo testimonial

Gary Mason

Owner of OIC English School, Nagasaki, Japan

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