Flipgrid vs ZenGengo

Mar 11 2021

Flipgrid is a video assignment creation and submission platform popular amongst teachers of many different subjects and specialities.

ZenGengo is a platform for creating and administering a range of different language teaching and testing assignments for English, Spanish, French, and German, which cover all four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

While it’s possible to compare these two technologies head-to-head, it’s best to delve into the strengths of each platform and evaluate each according to its intended purpose.

1) Flipgrid is for video, ZenGengo is for audio, video and much more!

Flipgrid’s main focus is on video recording. While it’s technically possible to submit audio only with Flipgrid, it’s not really intended for this purpose. ZenGengo offers both audio and video, as completely separate assignment types. Language teachers often encounter situations where audio alone is desirable or preferable for assessing speaking skills.

ZenGengo also has eight other assignment types in addition to audio and video recording, including, Text Gap Fill (with text to speech), Multi Choice Quiz, Video Gap Fill, grammar and vocabulary tests, written reports, and content pages. Plenty of different activities to keep your students motivated and engaged.

2) You can send attachments with Flipgrid, but with ZenGengo you can auto-grade attachments

Flipgrid allows students to submit files along with their video recordings (such as MS Word) but it does not analyze those files.

ZenGengo analyzes the transcripts attached to audio and video recordings, and automatically assigns a grade to those transcripts according to the number of (correctly spelled) words they contain.

3) Flipgrid is for all teachers, ZenGengo is for language teachers

Flipgrid does not specifically cater to language teachers.

ZenGengo is built from the ground up by language teachers for language teachers, and offers features that are especially useful for language teachers.

Such features include: a variety of pre-made content across a range of different language levels; the ability to auto-grade all submissions; automatic grammar and spelling feedback on written reports and transcripts; the ability to convert any reading activity quickly and easily into a listening activity; the ability to slow down or speed up audio and video recordings, and much more!

If you’re a language teacher, we think you’ll like Flipgrid, but we know you’ll love ZenGengo!